Yoga and Ayurveda for your holistic health and happiness


See below for some thoughts and feedback from clients on retreats as well as from private sessions, massage and more….

“I had the most amazing experience at the Spring Sadhana Retreat from Holistic Yoga Sangha. The place, the practices, the atmosphere, the food and the massages were an absolute bliss! Virginia is an amazing person and teacher and her classes were nurturing, informative and healing throughout the retreat. Debs’s – our lovely Ayurveda chef – food was both delicious and nourishing and we could all feel the love she puts into her cooking when sharing our meals together. Debs – another Debs, our masseuse – had the most unbelievable healing touch, personalised for each one of us, our constitutions and our needs at the moment. From the moment I woke up to the moment I laid my head on the pillow at night, I felt loved and cared for, and I can say that as a group, we all felt like that, as we discussed in our last meeting together. I was blessed to share this experience with a bunch of amazing people, from all walks of life and they all have a place in my heart now. It was a joy and an honour and I cannot recommend it enough!! Namaste!” (Juliana, April 2016 retreat)

“Over the last 2 years, Virginia’s yoga classes and workshops have taught me to take a much more holistic and restorative approach in my practice. With her gentle inspiring guidance, I am experiencing a much deeper benefit in both mind and body. But it does not end there because her range of Ayurvedic Treatments are pure bliss. To kick-start 2016 I treated myself to a wonderful long session which started with yoga and meditation followed by a fully body massage using oils specifically blended for me and then completed with a Shirodhara – warm oil slowly poured on my forehead which was absorbed into my hair. The whole treatment was tailored to how I was feeling at the time and also how I wanted to feel the next day. And that is precisely how it worked out starting with sleeping long and deep that evening. The next morning I spent at least the first 20 minutes clearing my sinuses and as the day progressed I noticed how good and upbeat my overall energy was. I feel very privileged that you are there Virginia to support my journey at this stage in my life. Thank you.” (Theresa, private Yoga and massage client, January 2016)

“I have had the pleasure of participating in some one to one Yoga sessions with Virginia for a few months now and I can honestly say that is has had an extremely positive effect on me, both physically and mentally. I am paralysed completely from the chest down and have been now for four years. I have had a great deal of difficulty adjusting to my changed circumstances but I feel that the Yoga is helping me to find some peace.
Virginia brings with her an air of positivity and calm, whilst also being enthusiastic and motivated in her work. She has not only enabled me to relax, but also to push the boundaries of my mobility in my head and shoulders.
I would highly recommend her to anyone, especially those in a similar position to own. Yoga is without doubt one of the things I look forward to most each week, and I hope to continue my sessions long into the future.” (Kate, a one to one client seen fortnightly at home).

“Just wanted to express how awesome the session was tonight, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and although it’s early days I am receiving so much mentally as well as physically from your teachings it’s inspiring………Only one more thing to add, a big thank you, one very happy customer.”
(Noel, a one to one client after two sessions).

“Wonderful, amazing, peaceful. Thank you all for creating such a nurturing space to recharge before christmas. Excellent food, brilliant Yoga, amazing gongs, great meditation and a special meteor shower! Thank you.” (Jenna, December 2014 retreat)

“I just want to say big thank you from the bottom my heart. I walked in burnt out and exhausted, with the feeling I just didn’t have the energy for life. I am walking out with a renewed sense of self and energy for life. I will definitely be back.” (Violeta, Easter 2015 retreat)

“It seems surreal that in this harsh hard world the can be a space and a place just to be. Thank you for creating and allowing that space, with no expectation, no pressure, no preciousness. I have loved being able to move my body and connect to such and important part of me.From feeling lost and disconnected to now feeling strong with energy pulsing through my soul, meeting new people being surrounded by warmth, laughter and amazing nourishing good food is priceless.” (Carla April 2015 retreat)

“A firm but relaxing massage with spicy oils mixed to suit your personality, after a consultation. Lovely and relaxing, for me ideal in the evening before going to bed.” (Chris a regular Ayurvedic massage client January 2016)

And from a private group session with three generations, daughter, mother and grandmother ~
“I can certainly feel a general improvement in my own well being. As I said it has helped me improve my riding thru improving core strength, balance and flexibility. Riding requires lots of discreet muscle adjustments to send
signals to the horse through your bottom and legs and body weight and so the increased body awareness yoga brings has helped with this too.
Ive started running again and actually have been able to almost take up where I left off as my body is stronger and more flexible etc.(I walk lots too so obviously my cardio vascular system is quite adapted to exercise up to the level I want to run (no desire to run a marathon).
Have been able to use what you are teaching us to help Simon (my husband ) get started with his Yoga practice in a more realistic way!!
Your teaching method is very “can do” and makes “doing Yoga” feel like something any one can do; totally impressed that you can adapt a session for people with such different physical abilities and needs and have everyone engaged and working to their own goals. The upbeat style and fun approach makes the session happy and relaxed and therefore more likely to continue to practice when they go home.
I had fallen off the exercise wagon somewhat but you have helped provide the motivation to jump back on and use what we are learning to improve my running style as well as my equestrian interests. Added to this, a very stiff shoulder that I thought would reequire the attention of Chiropractic is now more flexible and and pain free.
Big thankyou”. (Debbie is a private goup session client)

We at Holistic Yoga Sangha would like to say a massive thank you from us to all of you who come along to our retreats, workshops, classes and everything we do. You are what makes it all possible and so very special. Thank you everyone!

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