Yoga and Ayurveda for your holistic health and happiness

Private Yoga


Yoga-chikitsa is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘therapy’. This is the way that Yoga was originally taught, one to one with the practice being adapted for the student with the total focus and guidance of the teacher.

Why have a private session

A private one to one session can really enhance your experience when in a Yoga class environment. When having a private session the teacher is able to focus fully on your posture, breath and alignment as well as taking into account your individual capabilities. The result is a practice tailored to you as an individual, giving adaptations and experience which you can then use in your personal practice or in a class environment. A private session can incorporate posture work as well as Pranayama and Yoga Nidra. Following your private session you will receive a written summary of what you covered and any suggestions for your future practice. You may only wish to have one session or you may wish to continue and have more. Sessions usually last about an hour.

Yoga therapy involves working with you on an individual basis to help you to manage your health conditions using Yoga techniques such as postures and breathing. It is similar in approach to wellness coaching. It incorporates some lifestyle advice and discussion on diet and daily routines. Yoga therapy can be helpful for many health conditions including asthma, high blood pressure, arthritis, pain management, anxiety and depression. Sessions usually last about an hour with the emphasis being on what you can do for yourself as the responsibility for developing health and happiness lies within each individual.

Ayurvedic wellness assessment is a thorough discussion, analysis and assessment of your general health and wellbeing. Lifestyle changes and recommendations, including appropriate Yoga practices, Ayurvedic diet and routines are then suggested for you and tailored to your individual constitution, taking into account any imbalances.

Private sessions with a focus of your choice for small groups are also available.
Please contact to discuss your requirements..

We desire that you live up to your full potential, for only then will you experience both harmony and happiness. Only then will you possess real health, not just freedom from disease.”
From Yoga – A way of life by Dr. B. Padmanabha Pillai.


Individual one to one private Yoga sessions with Virginia ~
First session including assessment ~ £40
Ayurvedic wellness assessment and lifestyle recommendations (one hour) £40
Follow up one to one Yoga session ~ £35 per hour (discount for block booking four sessions for £120)
Please note the cancellation policy at the end of this page

Private group sessions
Two people or more ~ £45 per hour (maximum of six people)

Yoga and Ayurveda immersion (2 hours)
Constitutional assessment followed by a one to one Yoga session consisting of posture work, breathing and deep relaxation, followed by an Ayurvedic massage tailored to your individual constitution £75 (add Shirodhara for an extra £10)

Venue for private sessions
Private Yoga sessions are available for booking on Tuesday daytimes, Wednesdays (daytime and evening), Friday afternoons and Saturdays (other times by request and depending on availability), at either your own home or at The Studio in central Torquay.
Sessions which include massage are available for booking on Wednesdays (daytime and evening), Friday afternoons and evenings and Saturdays (other times by request and depending on availability), and are all offered in my massage space at Halo Hair and Beauty Salon, in Torre, central Torquay.

Cancellation policy ~ Please understand that when you book a slot I have reserved this time for you. Please give as much notice as possible if you do need to rearrange to enable me to fill the slot. Someone else may be in need of a treatment and it is very frustrating when people don’t turn up or cancel at the last minute!
Therefore if you cancel with less than 48 hours notice you will incur a 50% fee and cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will require you to pay the full cost of the session.