Yoga and Ayurveda for your holistic health and happiness

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda means ‘science of life’ and is the sister science of Yoga. Ayurvedic massage is totally holistic and aims to help to rebalance you and leave you with a sense of relaxation, rejuvenation and well being.
Ayurvedic massage treats the whole body. It leave the skin soft and glowing. The rhythmic motion helps with muscle and joint stiffness and mobility. Blood circulation is increased and the removal of toxins from the body is accelerated. It is said that the Ayurvedic system provides the most comprehensive therapeutic structure for massage in the world. This is because it is tailored uniquely to you as an individual. Read on for what to expect from your treatment session.


What to expect

After completing a short questionnaire we will discuss your health and well being and how you are feeling as well as how you want to feel after your treatment. This will help to indicate the treatment that is right for your individual condition and constitution (dosha type) at that particular time. I will suggest an appropriate treatment depending on the outcome of this short assessment. This treatment will be completely holistically tailored for you as an individual and will aim to leave you feeling balanced, relaxed and refreshed. The treatment will be a combination of the techniques described below and will include use of specific Indian herbal oil blends appropriate for you. The oil will be warm. During the treatment I will massage specific pressure points (marma points) in the body to release the flow of energy.

Following your treatment you will receive some simple lifestyle and imageself care information. I will contact you a couple of days afterwards to see how you are feeling.
A course of a few treatments is recommended and to encourage this a discount is available for booking a course of treatments in advance.


Shirobhyanga (head massage with warm oil)
This seated therapy releases tension stored at specific points of the head and neck, using a firm gentle touch to relieve stress.

Abhyanga (body massage with warm oil)
This is a full body massage using Indian blended herbal oils specific to your individual constitution (dosha) type. It is often combined with another treatment such as oil head massage (above).
Benefits include deep relaxation, stress relief, increase in vitality, balancing of energy, improved circulation, pain relief, calms the mind, healthy skin.

Shirodhara (pouring of oil on the head)
This is an Ayurvedic healing therapy where up to half a litre of warm oil is gently poured over the third eye, a vital point in the centre of the forehead for about 20 minutes whilst you are lying down. It is often used at the end of a face or whole body treatment. This particular therapy is great for calming the mind, relaxation, relief of headaches, easing stress, anxiety and tension, poor sleep and is also great for the hair as this is massaged with the oil as it pours. (Please bring something to wrap your hair in to travel home following this treatment).

Pinda Sweda (pummelling massage)
The Ayurvedic deep tissue massage. Therapeutic herbal powders are crushed and wrapped in a traditional muslin cloth known as a bolus. Warm oil is applied to the body using the bolus, this treatment is strengthening, rejuvenating and energising. Great for sore muscles and aching joints.

Mukhabhyanga (face massage)
An ancient techniques that gives a visible natural face lift. Woking on the face, neck and head. Firm pressure lifts the face muscles and leaves a youthful glow, especially with regular treatments.

Padabhyanga (lower leg and foot massage)

A de-stressing and relaxing traditional foot treatment which starts with firm massage of the lower leg followed by the sole of the foot. Good after travelling, to increase vitality, aid relaxation, improve blood circulation, relieve aching feet and legs.

Nourishing and Nuturing Ayurvedic Face and Foot ritual (60 minutes)
We begin by cleansing the face with liberal amounts of cleanser. An Ayurvedic scrub mask is them applied and left to absorb. Following this we cleanse the feet and apply an Ayurvedic foot scrub to exfoliate, the feet are then bathed and an Ayurvedic foot mask is applied before wrapping the feet in towels to soften and allow the skin to absorb the mask. We then gently massage the face and cleanse before a second soft face scrub is applied, formulated with powerful ingredients kutki and fitkari. Whilst this is being absorbed you receive a relaxing lower leg and foot massage. We then remove the second face mask and give the face a rejuvenating and circulation boosting massage with Happiness in a Bottle Ayurvedic facial oil, before applying a final moisture mask of neem and sandalwood to the face and soothing rosewater to the eyes. A soothing head massage eases any remaining tension from the face and scalp whilst the moisture mask is absorbed. To finish, a moisturiser specific to your dosha (constitution) is massaged in using circular motions over the faces marma points, leaving your skin fresh and revitalised. This treatment is a total treat, rejuvenating and nourishing for those parts of the body that work so hard. (Also available as a foot ritual or face ritual individually).


One of our massage clients Theresa says, “The range of Ayurvedic Treatments are pure bliss. To kick-start 2016 I treated myself to a wonderful long session which started with yoga and meditation followed by a fully body massage using oils specifically blended for me and then completed with a Shirodhara – warm oil slowly poured on my forehead which was absorbed into my hair. The whole treatment was tailored to how I was feeling at the time and also how I wanted to feel the next day. And that is precisely how it worked out starting with sleeping long and deep that evening. The next morning I spent at least the first 20 minutes clearing my sinuses and as the day progressed I noticed how good and upbeat my overall energy was.”


Please note cancellation policy at end of this page
Full Body Treatments
First treatment and assessment (90 minutes) £55
Follow up treatment (75 minutes) £45
Course of four treatments (after initial session) £160
(Add Shirodhara to any treatment for an extra £10)

Nourishing and Nuturing Ayurvedic Face and Foot ritual (60 minutes) £45

Shorter treatments
Indian Head massage (30 minutes) £25
Back, neck and shoulder massage (30 minutes)£25
Ayurvedic Face ritual (30 minutes) £30
Ayurvedic Foot ritual (30 minutes) £30
Shirodhara as a focused therapy session (30 minutes)£30

Ayurveda immersion (2 hours)
Constitutional assessment followed by seated head massage, full body warm oil massage, face massage and shirodhara (oil poured over the forehead), all tailored for your individual constitution at that particular time, with oil to complement and balance your unique energy £80

Yoga and Ayurveda immersion (2 hours)
Constitutional assessment followed by a one to one Yoga session consisting of posture work, breathing and deep relaxation, followed by an Ayurvedic massage tailored to your individual constitution £75 (add Shirodhara for an extra £10)

Ayurvedic wellness assessment is a thorough discussion, analysis and assessment of your general health and wellbeing. Lifestyle changes and recommendations, including appropriate Yoga practices, Ayurvedic diet and routines are then suggested for you and tailored to your individual constitution, taking into account any imbalances. £40 (one hour)

Times and venue
Ayurvedic treatments are available for booking on Wednesdays (daytime and evening), Fridays (afternoon and evening) and Saturdays (other times by request and depending on availability), and are all offered in my massage space at Halo Hair and Beauty Salon, in Torre, central Torquay.

Cancellation policy ~ Please understand that when you book a slot I have reserved this time for you. Please give as much notice as possible if you do need to rearrange to enable me to fill the slot. Someone else may be in need of a treatment and it is very frustrating when people don’t turn up or cancel at the last minute!
Therefore if you cancel with less than 48 hours notice you will incur a 50% fee and cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will require you to pay the full cost of the session.